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Fairtrade evening at Sainsbury’s (Global Issues Badge) – Nov. 2019

Remembrance Day Parade 2019

Making Water Filters for Gobal Issues Badge October 2019



Woodhouse Park Funday 2019

Circus skills in the Big Top.


Little Zoo – Exotic animal encounter, with snakes, Meerkats,  Millipedes, Tarantulas and Armadillos, November 2017

Remembrance Day Parade 2017


Warleigh Lodge Farm May 2017




Sleepover at Boomerang, November 2016

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Bristol Zoo Trip, October 2016

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Beavers 30th Birthday Celebrations May 2016


Beavers 30th Birthday party at Wiltshire Scout Centre, Potterne, 1st May 2016

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Fire station visit June 2015

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Warleigh Lodge Farm – May 2015

St George’s Day parade – April 2015



New Beavers being invested- February 2015


Mini Pioneering – October 2014

Beaver Scrapheap Challenge September 2014