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Minibus information

The Scout Group owns and maintains a minibus, which is very useful for the transport of moderately sized groups of young people.  When the Scout Group doesn’t need it, the minibus is available for loan to other organisations, subject to certain conditions.  Details of availability can be checked in the calendar here.

The minibus can seat 15 people, including the driver.  All seats have three-point seatbelts.  There is a towbar and standard towing electrics.

There are a number of restrictions which apply to the use of the minibus by other organisations.

  • All drivers must have their details recorded with our insurance company, who require a copy of the relevant person’s driving licence.
  • All drivers must have held a normal car driving licence for at least 2 years and be aged between 21 and 70 years.
  • Any drivers with any penalty points must disclose them to us and a decision about whether they are acceptable as a driver will be made.
  • The minibus must only be used for ‘not for profit’ purposes.  The organisation using the minibus must have their own ‘Section 19’ permit.
  • The minibus must be returned on time, in a clean and undamaged condition and with a full tank of fuel.
  • Any damage or faults must be reported as soon as possible.


In return for use of the minibus, organisations are expected to contribute to its running costs according to the following schedule:

  • Part day session:  £20.  There are 3 sessions per day: morning, afternoon and evening.
  • Full day:   £50
  • Weekend:  £100
  • Week:  £240


To enquire about use of the minibus, please contact Chris Hyde Sea Scout Leader via the Contact Us page.