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District Cubs Night Hike

28 November 2016

Well done to all the Cubs and Leaders who represented 1st Corsham in this years Cub Night Hike.

The hike was this year held in Neston and organised by last years winners Box Cubs.
The course was over 3 miles mainly using footpaths and bridle paths, the majority of the hike was dry but there were areas very muddy and wet, sorry parents if the cubs footwear might have been a tad muddy.

Corsham C Team set out with a very fast pace and we managed to keep this going throughout the hike this obviously helped us finish the hike in a time of 1hr 55 minutes which ended up being the fastest time by around 25 minutes.

The first 4 places were (17 teams took part):

1st – Corsham C (1hr 55m)
2nd – Lyneham (2hr 23m)
3rd – Crudwell (2h 41)
4th – Neston (2hr 35m)

Corsham A came 8th (2hr 49m)
Corsham B came 10th (2hr 39m)

Times were put together with the points from the 6 activity bases.

Well done Corsham C, I look forward to participate in next years event with Neston Cubs