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Looking for volunteers…

18 July 2017

The Scout Group in Corsham is run entirely by volunteers.  They give freely and enthusiastically of their time and are rewarded in countless ways, none of them financial.  It’s a really successful Group and the facilities we have are the envy of most.  These have been built up over the years, by generation after generation of volunteers.

We’re always looking for adults who’d like to join the team in a wide variety of ways.  Most obviously, we need to have enough people to run activities for young people, week in, week out.  The range of things that need doing, however, are much broader than that.  We have two buildings to maintain; we need to make sure that our volunteers are properly trained; our website and administrative records need looking after; the right personal checks need to be managed as we do everything we can to keep children safe.  You might not think you have the knowledge or skills to be successful, but enthusiasm goes a long way.  We can train and support people to help them do their best.  Many roles are really flexible in terms of the amount of time they take and when that time is available.

The rewards of volunteering are huge.

  • There is a great team spirit and camaraderie
  • Nothing beats seeing young people grow and achieve their goals
  • Develop your own skills and confidence
  • Help you with evidence for applications for jobs or study
  • Enjoy adventurous activities and camps yourself
  • It really is great fun!

After 14 years associated with Corsham Scout group, I will be taking on a new voluntary Scouting role from September.  Along with another colleague, I will be the new District Commissioner for Wiltshire North.  This means  I’ll have responsibility for Scouting across a wide area, roughly in the shape of a triangle edged by Box in the south west, Crudwell in the north and Lyneham in the east.  Put simply, whilst I’m sure I won’t sever all ties with the Group, I won’t have the time to do well in this new role whilst continuing my existing role in Corsham.

So we’re looking for someone who might take up the role of Group Scout Leader.  This role is primarily the ‘manager’ for the Group, with responsibility for all of its volunteers.  I’ve worked to try to draw the sections – Beavers, Cubs and Scouts – together more and there is more to do in this area.  There are administrative things, like taking bookings for the Scout HQ.  Occasionally, there are disagreements or disputes to handle.  This role is the first point of escalation if a parent or anyone else has any concerns.  I’ve always enjoyed working with young people, so I’ve made sure I stay in touch with each of the sections.  In my case, it’s been the way I’ve been able to stay involved in Scouting (and mucking about in boats), whilst having a busy full-time day job.

So please could you take a minute to consider how you might help the Group?  You’d be joining a successful team of adults who have always got their eye on the next challenge.  There really is something for everyone and lack of prior experience really is no bar.

If you’d like to talk it through, please drop me a line.  I’d be really happy to hear what you have to offer and answer any questions you might have.

Many thanks,

Steve Ball