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Request for help: Tiles for boathouse

2 February 2018

We have a problem with deterioration of the tiles on the roof of the boathouse.  They need to be replaced because the roof is no longer sufficiently watertight.  It’s a large and potentially very expensive job.

One of the biggest costs is that of the tiles themselves.  There are about 3,000 tiles on the roof in all and even at about 80p each that’s a significant amount of money.  Very luckily, there is a house in Chippenham with suitable tiles that is being re-roofed.  A bargain price has been negotiated for the lot, which will save the Scout Group thousands of pounds.

The catch is that we need to move them!  There are around 4,000 tiles in total which will weigh in at a few tens of tonnes.  Again, we’ve managed to arrange the loan of a lorry to do so, but we’re in desperate need of some help to physically load the tiles onto the lorry and offload them at the Scout HQ.  Can you help? Or do you know anyone who can help?

Date:  Sunday, 04 February

Time:  09:00

Venue:  34a Hardenhuish Lane, Chippenham  SN14  6HN  (Opposite entrance to Sheldon School – the house with scaffolding and no tiles on the roof!)

Everyone will need to bring a pair of tough (builders, or gardening) gloves.  These are concrete tiles and will quickly tear your hands if you don’t.

We anticipate that it will take at least two loads of the lorry to shift all of the tiles.

Please could you let Skip ( and Steve ( know if you are able to help?  Neither of us feel young enough (or fit enough) to do this on our own!

Many thanks

Steve Ball